By declaring just how accessible (or not!) an EPUB file is, we can inform the retailer and reader about the features that the ebook has before purchase or download.

InDesign does not have a way to add this extra metadata (known as '' metadata) but CircularFLO users can add this to their InDesign files by using adding a CircularFLO Metadata Panel.

To add a CircularFLO Metadata Panel go to the CircularFLO Tools menu > Accessibility Tools > Add Metadata panel

The suggested default settings should be suitable for most uses, pay attention to the darker shared rows to declare specifics for your publication:

  • alternativeText - set to no if you have not added alt text to images
  • structuralNavigation - set to no if you have not added a table of contents
  • accessibilityHazard - set to no if you have added audio. Also set the above sound to yes if you have added audio.

For pro users a full description of all these accessibility categories can be found on the DAISY article on Accessibility Metadata.